Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kneading conference west photos

50% barley flour pita: with help from Leslie Mackie of Macrina in Seattle. Leslie showcased some of her breads made with barley and gave her own workshop on her breads. Leslie's bakery is extremely well regarded - Macrina was named one of the USA's top 10 bakeries in 2011 by  BON APPÉTIT

Fairhaven mill whole barley flour, pita, & barley  bread in the style of a baguette,.

Barley pretzels, getting ready for the lye [NaOH] dip.

The evening before: getting pain au levain with 10% barley ready for the next mornings workshop

Eat your wholegrains: barley that is!

Photos courtesy of Patrick Hayes, the leader of BARLEYWORLD