Monday, September 12, 2011


grade stamp on a "re-purposed" wood beam

rebar detail

Ledger boards staged for lift off [lift up]

pre-ledger boards: cutting windows for anchor bolt placement [these will be full of concrete]

more anchor bolt windows

and more

and more

even more

First ledger board goes up

concrete day again: just as crazy as ever

big machines

happy to be pounding the house [to make the concrete settle inside the forms]

just  hanging around [actually checking anchor bolts]

big machines

Miss general contractor has a word to say! Not sure what Kurt is about to do with the hammer.

more foundations

our help - without which we'd be much poorer

YES! right here...

big machine parked on out turnaround

t'other side

milling the beams

3 at once

great place to do it


planning - wide view

double checking

and again

getting the formwork bracing off is no easy task - just hanging around, AGAIN!

yes; they are full of it [concrete that is]

finishing touches while the scaffolds are still there

so we remember where to put the scaffolding on the next floor

Wow! No scaffolding - a whole new look

Really different : you see the concrete in the windows where a temporary ledger was removed

another view of the interior - in the entry way, mud room to right near stair well, kitchen to  left. The room with all the beams is where the floor is stepped down and has the big window with the view.