Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day 3 - Footings and ICF

I arrived almost after dark to find a semi truck apparently stuck in the driveway. It had needed a pull from a F350 4x4 to get it up the last bit, and it only just fit between the gate posts [which guard the two great holes for the drainage culvert right there].But it got in successfully and then had to reverse 300 ft [90 m] along a 16 ft [a little less than 6 m] wide driveway
The footings were nearly ready; the forms are something called "fast-foot", just need the rebar and concrete ! It also helps stop rising dampness by providing a wicking break between the footing concrete and the damp ground.
The septic tank was in, and the drainfield backfilled... E had a very productive day !The walls were delivered [that was what was in the truck]; Polysteel styrofoam "Insulated Concrete Forms" [ICF]. These are stacked and concrete and rebar goes in the gaps in the middle and the styrofoam, rebar, & concrete make the walls.These shots are from another site of the ICF blocks in the process of being stacked and filled with concrete.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Day 2 update

Cold and tired but admiring the day's progress; the footings being pegged in the dark[ish]ness
The house/site model actually in useWorking in the gloamingGhost truck on the new turn-around section of drivewayEnd of the day, finally - without the flash
With the flash

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October 27 2008 BUILDING COMMENCES !!!!!!!!!!!!

The house started at last... Monday October 27th 2008

Bigger versions of the pictures can be seen if you click on the thumbnails.

The excavators turn up
The excavators turn over the first sodThe basement excavation startsThe boss makin' sure everything is to her specs.End of the day and the excavation is well under wayAfterwards; getting the septic drainfield finished and ready for inspectionCoupling the easyflo unitsFinished & ready for backfilling
DAY 2: The model versionThe calm before the workLater; the garage basement down to gradeHouse basement almost finished excavationOur pickup and trailer after delivering the formwork timber [lumber] and sewer and drain pipes, next to our new low road round the bottom of the house. I like and will get them to consolidate and use it to get around the low side. it was built mostly for getting the septic tank in tomorrow.