Monday, July 29, 2013

San Francisco Baking Institute: Artisan 3 2013

Australia sourdough


Hanging garden of Pannetone 

Raisin Old World bread

Roasted Potato breas

Ciabatta with candied hazelnuts

Proof baskets

Semolina crowns

Hazelnut bread exterior

Whatever it takes... E-style

Persistence: E-style

waterproofing cistern floor: conventional E-style

waterproofing cistern floor: Unconventional E-style

waterproofing cistern floor: Unconventional E-style

Up the scaffolding to overflash the window

Up so high the turkey vultures were flying lower than her

A better sense of the height

Just hangin' out again: E-style

A bit out of sequence - more WIndows installation


colorful shims


Friday, July 19, 2013

Windows 2013 installed

Our first windows!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Afternoon shift

more flashing after lunch

inside view

outside view

end of the day

Jumpin' jack flash...

Waterproofing the inside of the water tank/cistern: requires more than some prep. And it's best done in the morning shade,

scrubbing & vacuuming

smoothing of the sides

hanging upside down from a scaffold bar to not be painted into a corner

Blue lagoon

2nd? 3rd? coat 

"Paint" on flashing and seam filler: requires some acrobatic skills.

Pink, goes under the flashing
Red: don't get them mixed up: A did!

Looks easy enough


1 down 22 to go

The outsides are a challenge


Woops: fast flash on the ipad...