Monday, October 3, 2011

smiles turn to frowns

Laundry chute in position: can't be raised once the beams are placed

Beam hanger preparation with a dummy beam

Beam me up: beaming smiles, we lifted this without mechanical assistance

Another beam we lifted without mechanical assistance. This one jammed and had to be taken down and re-sized and put back up again.

E on the walky-talky directing our skyhook! We wish!

Beaming again: putting a raincoat over the morticed intersection: a portent  of things to come.

I'd like it just here thanks: directing the skyhook.

Not quite a skyhook: but these were way too heavy to lift with out mechanical assistance.

Kind of in place: large beams create seemingly intractable problems at times , this one is being stubborn about getting into the correct alignment [still not resolved]

Frowns: the shop-vac raincoat says it all!
Sunday 5 pm