Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mud season

Tarp city: before the trusses

Generous friend lends barn for painting

Mud season again: didn't get the roof on before the [way heavier than normal] rains hit
mud season

Truss time


...and over

flying trusses

looks like the beginning of a roof

garage trusses

Sheathing and the WL crew

Crane work

screen porch trusses for later

garage roof taking shape

house roof taking shape

misty moisty

Tarp time again

under the blue... still needs constant mopping up when it rains

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A unique perspective

The neighborhood

Sometime soon after July 9th and before July 21st 2012  [http://wholegrainsurf.blogspot.com/2012/07/well-im-floored.html]: the light colored rectangle on the driveway is our trailer with all the subfloor piled on it.


before the deluge

Well things were going swimmingly, because of the lack of water [as rain] through October 12th. No pictures of the recent shenanigans trying to keep the subfloor dry: tarps, scaffolding, plywood, mops, buckets, wet vacs, dumping 200 liters [50 US gal] of water out of a tarp at 9:30 at night and 2 hours + to clean up the mess. Needless to say we are tired and ready for the roof!

All the formwork & bracing etc GONE GONE GONE
Progress nonetheless

Bracing mostly down except the horizontal ribbon boards: just below the change in shade of the walls. E did this alone, I was in Florida. Getting the horizontals off was a 2 person job that needed te flying Wallendas

Doesn't look like it's changed, but it's full of it: concrete
FIVE concrete pours and NO blowouts: and Elizabeth's formwork was ALL good

Cistern blocks full of concrete

the last of the concrete pump: John from Chuck's Concrete Pump is a professional and a gentleman

The boss in action: keeping the 3 ring circus in line

Last minute prep before the concrete: we can do with a little [a lot of] help from our friends

The calm before the pour [concrete that is.

More cistern action: brother James trapped inside

Telling that box who's boss!

Muscling block into place on the cistern/screenporch foundation

Not everyone's lucky enough to have contractor that looks like this!