Monday, January 26, 2009

...and the walls came tumbling - UP

Progress while I was away in Latin America for the week. If you view the bigger version of the first shot you see the damage the landslide caused to the back wall. Still it is pretty straight now. Still not sure if some of the blocks might need replacing in case they won't hold the wet concrete before it sets.

Compare to about 10 days ago

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Muck be gone !

The mess cleaned out using a big machine (and backbreaking slogging in the mud by Ole and Elizabeth to get the stuff the machine was too big to reach)
Certainly an improvement over this...Widening the road across from the garage and re-rocking most of it.And more walls getting built up and door and window frames - lots of bracingMeanwhile back at the ranch... If I can't get time to go surfing, I will bake - this is a 25% dark rye sourdough ala Hamelman's pain-au-levain but with a 100% hydration levain. The aim is to get the system right to do this with stoneground wholegrain waxy hullless barley in place of the rye for an upcoming barley foods meeting in Sacramento CA.Everything about this bread just WORKED - great "ears" great crust, great interior structure and texture (see how the inside of the big cells looks kinda wet), and great balance & subtlety to the sourness.e

Friday, January 9, 2009

A threat of sunshine....

After what seems like weeks of rain and snow and clouds - the threat of sunshine today
One step back - TWO steps forward
Some more ground has fallen in- but the wall still stands. Excavator coming maybe Monday to dig out the worst. This time it easier to see wheat happened without the snow
Meantime, some incremental progress on other bits.
Working late last evening.
Can you spot the difference ? Today's [early] work. Before...After4 weeks ago... Things have changed a bit.Wood throwing practice