Sunday, April 10, 2011

Stabilizing and K-State Cleans Up

Grass from our last attempt to stabilize this cut: but still it crumbles

Food science in action - using alginates to form a gel on the surface of the cut using the calcium ions in the soil to create the gel structure

This shot and the following - The ultimate in recycling. E uses a favorite old K-State sweatshirt [passed down from her aunt] wrapped around an old ball from the neighbors to clean out the insides of the recycled PVC pipes for the underground passive ventilation inlet.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Random, OR & CA

Wholewheat sourdough from local wheat

What's flowering March 31st

Who are yew?

Shasta and little Shastina, Northern CA

Ponsford's Place a.m. Monday

Work schedule

50% Barley bread - Tamalpais hull-less barley flour from Certified Foods Woodland CA left; our Streaker naked barley right - volume difference a result of different water additions and te Streaker was coarser because it was milled on our small stone mill here.

Ready to ship