Monday, June 27, 2011

Before the deluge

Photographing the photographer
Wild strawberries
One reason we have a 4WD pickup
Another - more rebar to cut - Oh joy !
What you need to do to bend #5 rebar when you only weight 45 kg [100 lbs]
Pretending to work
The late June deluge on its way - Oh joy [NOT!]

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Excavation - the act of creating by removing something

Cleaning rocks for the rock drain behind the house
Clean rocks
Picking up rocks
Cleaning scrap styrofoam for recycling as "rock"
Styrofoam recycled as "rock" between the back basement wall and the false wall keeping out the dirt [soil, clay]
Yet more rock, goes onto the styrofoam, a layer cake
The cut for the concrete water tank going under the porch
Stabilizing another cut using the wild strawberries
The wild strawberries are sending out runners right now.
Moving rock to the hole in the front porch to pour it into place
Like a duck swimming -  all the real work going on underneath spreading the rock
Cheating - using the digger to fill my wheelbarrow
Not cheating, at the other end filling buckets manually for placement above the styrofoam and the ventilation pipes
More rock - for the road and underneath the water tank slab
Precarious - getting the rock down there now the cut has been made.
Backfilling soil under the front porch
End of the day