Monday, September 23, 2013

Stairway to... dinner

Better views of our way down to Dinner Sept 8th:

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Back to Athens

An Elizabeth special: chocolate building materials

OMG! Doggles

What Athens might have once looked like

Bottom cnter, a terracotta drain pipe 1000s of years old: E is obsessed with them. A dig in central Athens

In the middle of the city, with a drain pipe of course

Top center left for the drain pipe

Athens central market Saturday afternoon: meat alley

Every meat you could imagine

Every spice you could imagine

Sausage alley

Fruit and veggie alley

Olives anyone?

Going nuts

Something fishy


From the back of the boat: anchored in Kea

Architectural details: stone sills

At the top of Kea

Typical road

Adapting to life on the side of a hill

15 minutes not feet to the archaic lion [archaios leon]



From 600 BC

"Plato" is all I can read: the signature

Reminders of mortality in village life: this was the 3rd one hefted on a shoulder

Ancient terraces

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Delos Mykonos

Leaving Santorini: the lines up the cliff are the road

Our vessel: Ealis
Observing ancient building techniques Delos
Detail of column
Lion gargoyle
Delos museum
Temple of the Syrians
Looking over the site
Lots of uphill

Greek goddess: Mykonos behind

New ideas for home!

1600s flour mill Mykonos
Mill gears

Unimaginable fury - Santorini

Unimaginable fury of a caldera explosion created this all...

Shrine and caldera wall looking to Fira

Cave in the black pumice

To Firostefani and Fira

Little churches everywhere: over Oia

Black red and grey pumices

Sunset over Oia

Highest point of Santorini: Prophet Elias Monastery

Look for the little dot on the ridge: E

Akrotiri archeological site

Akrotiri: Minoan ruins 5000 to 1700 BC