Monday, July 13, 2009

Oh ! Lets build a concrete porch in our spare time.

Porch beams almost in - finishing rebar mat on house so we can cover it to spare the PEX from UV while we finish the porch

Working late every night
Soon to be blackberry pie
Getting started on the porch formwork

Meanwhile, my baking class for high school science students diverts me from the house

Porch formwork well into the process

Building the rebar cages for the concrete beams - over-engineeered enough to hold a pugnacious pack of parading pachyderms

And while we rush to get this all done by Tuesday 6 am - on SUnday we get the most rain ever seen here on July day - 0.6 inches official, we got an inch - turned everything back to mud but we had to keep going till 9:30 pm - back at it at 5:45 this morning. Turn on the sound to hear the rain. To make up for the dreary winters here in Western OR it is not supposed to rtain from May 30 to October 30, that's the deal - not this year.


HereB4 said...

You call that rain.... We've got rain..

jamwulf said...

Looking great!!! Send 1/2 to 3/4 inch rain to SE Newton KS/week! I can take at least that much off of your hands! Will pray for you dry and me wet.