Monday, July 20, 2009

Concrete & dust

After the concrete cured a bit we needed to cut the expansion joints to stop it cracking and the decorative cuts in the great room to make the finished concrete floor look like tiles.

It took a bit of doing. The concrete sawing is hard hot and dusty work. And in this room, as there were some cuts only 75 mm apart, the measurements need to be spot on so the lines were exactly parallel.Checking the guide board along the chalk line.
Dust dust dust.
The idea is to draw the eye to the big window in the 45 degree corner and the view of Mary's peak.

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Philosurfer said...

Fra vores ven, Ben

Hei, Andrew

Jeg så at dere har fått støpt (poured) betong i første etasje. Det så flott ut!

Vi er endelig ferdige med å male. Det tok sin tid, og var varmt. Jeg har lagt ved et par bilder som viser sluttresultatet.

Stay cool i denne helvedes varmen :)