Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Weekend antics; rain and more rain - Days 4 through 9

Most of the rebar arrives.The instruments of torture - manual rebar cutters and benders, just like giant bolt-cutters !Torture - cutting the 5/8 inch [16 mm] rebar - this was before I learned, far too late, that E and I could do it together much faster.

This sequence shows some of the various positions required to cut the @#$% stuff. Bending it wasn't much easier. Fitting it into the jaws was backbreaking, as was the staging, measuring, and marking that E was doing. Made worse by the intermittent heavy showers, it is SO fun to do this when you're dripping wet [drookit]. We worked like this for most of the 2 days of the weekend. Looks like I am getting thin enough on top to start shaving my head and stop pretending that I have hair :-)Thank goodness we got the red cutter from our neighbor Lars as it was far more efficient than the yellow one that we rented.

So E started placing and tying the rebar on Monday - here is the Tuesday morning progress; mud and all.It was already a mud puddle and we have been getting rain squalls like the one coming up the valley in the next shot all day. Not as bad as Monday though. E worked out all day and it never stopped being a heavy soaking rain for one minute ALL DAY.

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