Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Day 30 - WALLS !

Can you spot the differences ? in these first 4 pictures
Instructions.The rebar ties in to the metal grids inside the polystyrene forms.
Moderately benign weather, but only about 6 deg C [45 F], some rain today, but at least not incessant.Good end to the work day... ...but not done yet; the pickup in the background [above] got well and truly bogged after it slipped down the hill to E's left, trying to reverse past the trailer. It slid, tail first, from just behind the dirt pile to lower than where it is parked below [In drier times the little dirt road could be driven on].

We had to, eventually, skull drag it out with our old pickup and a chain. It was too too slippery to get up that little hill without assistance after all the rain.

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