Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rain makes mud - days 10 though 15

Rain makes mud. The boots tell much of the story. Lots of mud = very heavy boots & slipping over & soil and clay caving-in from the cut and falling into the formwork = lots of additional hard work. Today the rain looks to have given us a break finally (steady rain was forecast but the high pressure pushed it north earlier than expected).
Hopefully my purchase of a pair of Muck Boots for each of us, and a new set of Viking rain gear for me, will keep the rain a way for a while; but the muck and mud will persist.
Friday's muddy bootsThe reason for the muddy boots, and it did not rain this dayFriday progress on the rebar - it takes so much for this ICF construction technique.Measuring up the formwork for the back wall of the houseThe work trucksFriday still - The first big cave-in behind E. The problem is twofold, it gets under the fabric part of the formwork and needs to be scraped out, and it needs to be taken out for the placement of the footing drain later. It is wet, heavy, and space to move is very limited - not a whole heap of fun !Saturday- progress on the rebar in the back wall - tarps to try to stop the critical spots getting more saturated.Saturday's mudThe hose is to siphon, not to fill it up.Satuday boots - another pair.The fiddly work of hanging the verticals so the rebar mat is 75 mm [3 inches] above gradeSaturday afternoon - pretending to clear up after a day of solid rain.Not such a bad worksite if you look above the mud.The fruits of our cutting and bending labors on the #4 and #5 rebar - every single one in the shot was cut and some bent.
Monday - The #6 rebar - we needed to get this cut and bent by machine - at "farwest steel" in Eugene - the less said about that transaction the better...Monday boots - yet another pair
My "Keen" brand elastic sided work boots - not so keen any more.Progress to the front wall - slow going for E - very complex with 45 degree angles and steps in the footings - lots of frustration for the progress.Hidden progress - tying bracing bars ever second cross-piece [hook] - hands and knees in the mud workA picture of dogged persistence !Tired and dirty...

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cousinang said...

wow guys! i am oh so impressed...look at you and all of your hard work!