Thursday, May 14, 2009

More tube time

Formwork boards for the slabRetrieved out recycled timbers from our friend's shed Saturday a.m. Quite the test for the new truck.
Grand central station - one more change. It now has a manifold and a pressure gauge attached - and passed the pressure test and inspection.
Radiant floor artwork - soon to be covered.
Took a bunch of these so we know where the tubes are under the slab in relation to things like plumbing.
The basement bedroom tubes finished.
These "thermal breaks - vertical foam insulation every where the slab would meet the outdoors, to keep the radiant heat where we want it.
Same between the hosue basement and garage basement, but more tricky with the tubes coming through.
Ready to go ! Need just to wait for a couple of sunny days to get the concreting done.

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