Wednesday, May 20, 2009

An irridescense of irises - on a big day

Iridescent irises invoking intimations of incomparably inviting summer daysGetting prepared in the frost of a clear late spring morning - just after 6:30 am.
Yet another concrete pump.
All that work to set the radiant floor tubing starts to disappear.
Getting it to grade.
More concrete.
Starting to smooth it out.
Into the middle room, covering the radiant artwork.
Fillin' up the garage basement,

Smoothing it out.
The extra concrete into some extra formwork - creating stepping stones and test squares for trying out different concrete stains.

Smoothing - with big floater kneepads.
Hand prints - ours
His helicopter won't fly.
Sawing the expansion joints.

Finished - just wetting it down to even out the cure.

Another job - cleaning the oxidized styrofoam so the waterproofing membrane will stick.
Our ever present friends on hot days - big turkey vultures.
First time we've seen that corner since mid-December thanks to E's hard and heavy shovelwork.

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jamwulf said...

WOW, just WOW!!!!! It all looks fabulous. It's even exciting just looking at it from here. Looking at your radiant floor heat makes me think I should have put more insulation under the concrete in our basement- starting to question if heat rises well enough in concrete. :)