Sunday, March 29, 2009

The long and winding... rebar

We try to build a rebar cage for a column in situ with a fab-form fast-tube but without any instructions - at least on day 1 (Saturday). We start building the rebar cage with uprights tied to the rebar coming out of the footing, and with pre-coiled sections to make the cage
Seems easy enough, and up we go.
Adjusting the coil spacing by hand.
Up and over to slide it on - the whole edifice is really shaky - no bracing at all.
E tying the cage to the uprights.

Next day after finding some instructions - not comprehensive - but better than naught.

The full cage with the bracing poles for the fast-tube. You can't tear the fabric; the reason for the funny hat - to stop the ends of the rebar tearing the tube as we fed it over - from the top of a ladder.
In place
The tube has a "tab" [flap] that is stapled to the upright brace, and another brace is then screwed to it to sandwich the flap. Then ya just fill it with concrete and, voila, a column to support the garage floor and the cars.

The back end of a hail storm we needed to take shelter from - weather from the north today.
The column looks so insignificant in the middle of the garage basement.
Mary's Peak shrouded in cloud - it snowed up there all day.


jamwulf said...

Time to pour, pour, pour!!!! Concrete that is-- not rain.
Looks great.

jamwulf said...

4/7 after dog mtg. I'm amazed; never quite imagined all this in my wildest dreams. I'd rather be practicing piano; I see there's a music room! And saw the 2009 chili brownies. Just got your call-wonderful news! Love, Mom