Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Details details details

Closer again to pouring the first concrete in the walls, but the little details need to be taken care of... Like bracing the places where blocks were cut-to-fit and one side doesn't have the tongue and groove. The braces are screwed into the internal steel furring strips embedded in the styrofoam - it's easier to brace with plywood as you can see later.

& outside
Elizabeth's really fiddly bit - the angled buck for the laundry chute, it takes a lot to cut the blocks because you need to cut through the steel lattice and furring strips. Thank goodness for the Milwaukee 28 volt cordless sawzall.

More braces on the opposite corner of the garage

Who's this ? Not been seen here for months... Claimed to be teaching or something or other

The styrofoam itself is easier to cut, just a handsaw needed
The vertical and horizontal braces need to go into the window and door bucks to stop them collapsing when the concrete is poured. They all need to come back OUT later...
Looks like a building site...

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