Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nov 28 to Dec 2 - by increments

After Thanksgiving --- the work Audi
Cutting & ripping the boards for the door frames [bucks]; man & woman cannot hang doors on styrofoam alonePosed - the saw is off - boards were too long and heavy to handle alone, only ripping small 5 - 10 mm strips off.Working into the night to get the last cross cutting done.
First door buck up.
"Homework" - assembling door & window bucks in the lounge room Monday night till near midnightBright [well... foggy] and early next morning.Measuring up.First window frame [left] up.Step by step; E still has to true-up the frames at that point.My little side project; new grass on the drainfield dirt. Erosion and mud control. Seed courtesy of friends Greg and Barb.

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