Saturday, December 27, 2008


Looks like I will be keeping the fun all to myself...

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jamwulf said...

Well, I do believe that a "White Christmas" probably has a sour connotation to it by now! Uhgggg!!!
I don't even have a good idea how to get all the mud out... maybe a couple weeks of Kansas summer sunshine to dry it out and then a larger mechanical teaspoon to dig the dirt out. Will be praying for things to start turning around soon.
Here's mom. Oh dear, the reality was worse than the imagining! It'll take more than a mule and the slip. Maybe you need the coveralls that Heather got for Christmas. I'm so overwhelmed just looking at the pics. I came over to do gifts after church. We broke a record (for high temperature) last Friday then almost broke one for low temp the next day! My wish is that you will break records for dry and high. love Mom - P.S. Treye and Dakota were thrilled with the skiing. this is dakota thanks for inviting us to to go skiing i appreciate it alot thanks for idea of the football.