Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day 3 - Footings and ICF

I arrived almost after dark to find a semi truck apparently stuck in the driveway. It had needed a pull from a F350 4x4 to get it up the last bit, and it only just fit between the gate posts [which guard the two great holes for the drainage culvert right there].But it got in successfully and then had to reverse 300 ft [90 m] along a 16 ft [a little less than 6 m] wide driveway
The footings were nearly ready; the forms are something called "fast-foot", just need the rebar and concrete ! It also helps stop rising dampness by providing a wicking break between the footing concrete and the damp ground.
The septic tank was in, and the drainfield backfilled... E had a very productive day !The walls were delivered [that was what was in the truck]; Polysteel styrofoam "Insulated Concrete Forms" [ICF]. These are stacked and concrete and rebar goes in the gaps in the middle and the styrofoam, rebar, & concrete make the walls.These shots are from another site of the ICF blocks in the process of being stacked and filled with concrete.

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