Monday, January 21, 2008

4 days of January surf and such

Took a couple of days off after going to The Dalles for work on Wednesday: it is worth the drive up the Gorge

Thursday grey and cold but fun no less

Friday sunny and cold and more fun, except for locking my keys in the car; many thanks to the folks who all helped me with that dilemma.

Saturday great but frustrating surf, many bodies in the water; it was Saturday what can ya expect?

Sunday on and off grey and cold and sunny and warm surf a bit choppy.

Thursday yours truly [copyright CS Studios]
Thursday somewhere else
Thursday lovely unridden wave
Thursday yours truly again [Copyright CS Studios]
Friday a.m. beauty
Friday daytime
Friday evening
Saturday bodies
Sunday: Can't believe these people were so careful to place their litter so neatly...
It asks on the cup "How are we doin'" maybe they [McDs] should encourage their customers to use a trash can... it can't be any harder than this little stunt.
Unknown on a bumpy left Sunday between tides

Maybe some more surf this week even though it is butt-cold.

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Kay said...

Butt how cold can it really get in January in the Pacific ocean?