Monday, August 5, 2013

Windows 2013.2 Installation DIY

With a lot of help from friends Don and Wendy

The test window: low degree of difficulty [DoD]

Almost done

Looking pleased

The next one at ground level: a bit bigger, slightly higher DoD

The test window for the upper floor: roof access, slightly higher DoD again

Ingress: she came in through the bathroom bedroom widnow

The 1st big upper floor window

From the inside: changes the oulook

A smaller window on the high side: needs a BIG ladder, high DoD, practicing for tomorrow

Caulking the nailing flange

E up a ladder

Note where the scaffolding was in the picture above: moved to get to this window

Scaffold stabilzation

Monkey bars!

How we got the windows out there

This one was a bear: adjusting the corner

Yet again up a ladder

Not a problem

Out comes the window

Caulking with support

Getting ready to fix the window in place

Windows installed!!!
From the driveway