Thursday, January 3, 2013

Holiday [digging] season: unseasonable dry spell

Christmas Eve and Elizabeth's new scarf from Ella

E and Joan

Clean up time: even room for surfboards

pickup sticks

pick up sticks: where's this one going?

Not enough sticks to pick up: let's take down some more

Digging so E can lay out the marks for the green shed's new home as a pump house

and more digging

I'm outta here! This hill is a LOT easier to ride down than up!

Friends & neighbors helping get the water lines glued for the well

And this is when they finished New Year's Eve

New Year's day: unprecedented sunnyness

Checking that the old temporary power pole is really unpowered...

...before I start digging near it and taking it out.

E laying out pipes for the gutter downspout drains

E lollygagging around admiring the view!

The view: snow on Marys Peak

E and her new present from Dakota: a 3 way adapter, attached to her first electrical circuit in the house.

Jan 2: Sunny, but not here yet and about minus 5 C (22 F)

The water pipe that will end up under the green shed.

Sun breaks out!

Levelling the shed's new home

Towing the shed

Checking that we can get over the water conduit without breaking it: E and Randy the excavator

Easy diggin' this way

The difference between my skinny little hand dug trench and the machine trench.

E at the end of the trench

More digging: this time extending the electrical trench for the well under the shed so all the electricals are in the the shed out of the weather.

Trenching the gutter drains

A trench!

Backfilling at the close of the day

Jan 2 ends: still clear [it was about minus 2 C by now]