Tuesday, October 16, 2012

before the deluge

Well things were going swimmingly, because of the lack of water [as rain] through October 12th. No pictures of the recent shenanigans trying to keep the subfloor dry: tarps, scaffolding, plywood, mops, buckets, wet vacs, dumping 200 liters [50 US gal] of water out of a tarp at 9:30 at night and 2 hours + to clean up the mess. Needless to say we are tired and ready for the roof!

All the formwork & bracing etc GONE GONE GONE
Progress nonetheless

Bracing mostly down except the horizontal ribbon boards: just below the change in shade of the walls. E did this alone, I was in Florida. Getting the horizontals off was a 2 person job that needed te flying Wallendas

Doesn't look like it's changed, but it's full of it: concrete
FIVE concrete pours and NO blowouts: and Elizabeth's formwork was ALL good

Cistern blocks full of concrete

the last of the concrete pump: John from Chuck's Concrete Pump is a professional and a gentleman

The boss in action: keeping the 3 ring circus in line

Last minute prep before the concrete: we can do with a little [a lot of] help from our friends

The calm before the pour [concrete that is.

More cistern action: brother James trapped inside

Telling that box who's boss!

Muscling block into place on the cistern/screenporch foundation

Not everyone's lucky enough to have contractor that looks like this!