Monday, June 1, 2009

Like a duck swimming...

... not much seems to be happening but there's a lot of action going on under the surface.

Bracing for the stair headerBracing for the little pieces used to make up the 45 degree corner under the great room.

Rebar for the beam under the garage.
The view from the top (great room view window goes here)
Waterproofing starts to go on

Rebar mat for the garage floor

Detail of rebar hooks connecting floor to walls.And up we go - the first increase in the height of the walls for a while.

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jamwulf said...

It really looks great with a lot of progress being made. It looks real exciting to see things coming together. Mom had a look last night at the pictures. Plywood to protect concrete floors for why? The concrete is the final look or crazy workers above dropping tools? :) Better wear sunshades and sunscreen with all that white stuff reflecting around you! Great job!