Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tiptoe through the scaffolds - through the scaffolds with me

Tiptoe through the scaffolds - through the scaffolds with meTools of the styrofoam house trade
Notice the twirly thing for tying rebar... very important
The hidden work of block sculpting - it is NOT like building a Lego house
Sunset over the scaffolding
Up to ground level at the back of the main house section
The never ending story for the styrofoam construction - cutting and bending rebar - lots of it.
Roamin' in the gloamin' on the bonnie banks o' Clyde,
Roamin' in the gloamin' wi' ma lassie by ma side,
When the sun has gone to rest, that's the time that I like best,
O, it's lovely roamin' in the gloamin'!
The last window buck for the basement level - installed by her's truly on her own
Carrying a 20 ft (6 meter) bar of number 5 rebar - E looks like a tightrope walker with a balance pole - that's one tough tightrope walker usin' rebar for balance.


jamwulf said...

Looks fantastic. I think we should have built a staging area at the scaffolding height so you wouldn't have to go up and down the ladder all the time. Maybe a bridge from the back of the shop/garage to the driveway. Then again we might have not had enough time :)

jamwulf said...

I think the 19 inch lights will be fine for the bedrooms. That is just 1.5 inches bigger on the sides than the dining room light and it really isn't overbearing for the room. Mom wants to write something now. James

I'm still here; James brought up the blog and went into great detail on everything (Heather was down here too) explaining how it all worked. He even brought up the Polysteel stuff so we could see how the blocks were made - then went back to show how it worked at the house. I even got a better idea of how it's going together. New blogs show so much progress - I close my eyes and see how it looked when I was there - then I open them and look at what you've done - WOW. Love, Mom

jamwulf said...

Andrew! Loved your bit of Scottish verse - now when I think of the construction worker, I'll call her a lassie. Mom