Monday, March 10, 2008

Is there any surf in Ohio ?

Not right now.

PDX; 5:00 am Monday, waiting to fly to Chicago and Cleveland and then driving to downtown Wooster, OH to give a talk on measuring changes in starch properties during thermal processing / transitions. In other words, seeing how thick it gets when ya cook it. Thankfully getting in 2 days after a big snow storm.


Nursing my broken nose from getting whacked by my board on Saturday. That's kinda slowed down my surf adventures for the immediate future.

The culprit: a new board like this, a McTavish 8-0, and my very first surf on it !!! NOT a great start. Can only get better...

Got lots of red-oak trim Sunday on my way to the airport (about 250 lineal feet of 8-10 feet x 2" x 5/8" pieces and some wider). Another of Elizabeth's hot bargains. Got the lot at about 12 c a lineal foot, saved about $800 on the lot, and there'll be more to come. Guess I would've been surfing if I hadn't broken my nose.

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