Friday, February 1, 2008

The no-surf blues

No surf, so a few blasts from my past... Most are from the late 1970s to early 1980's taken by me, except for the ones of me [Duh !]

Central coast NSW with my Nikonos, great camera pity some @#$%^& stole it; with my car.

Me getting my tail handed to me on a plate. The white board just in front of the whitewater is mine. I think the red one is Ken Young's "Big Red" Cornish rounded-pintail . Taken by Sharon M [nee L] with a Nikon FM and 250 mm lense using Kodax 400 ISO Ektachrome slide film
Nikonos again. I took this never before published shot of Nat Young (about 1978) not doing anything to encourage the guy behind him to indulge in some surf rage [heavy irony]... Yeah right !
Dousty on his 6'8" [or so] Barry Kanaiapuni Lightning Bolt single fin in small glassy fun beachbreak.
Doin' the whole morning-of-the-earth thing NorthCoast NSW. Nikon FM 250 mm lense can't remember the film.
My sister's ex boyfriend at a very popular beach in Sydney, which can clearly get some quality waves from time to time.
Me on my last single fin shortboard for 25 years - a 6'1" Free Flight from Ballina NSW shaped by Gunther Rohn.

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